5 Symptoms of Sleep Deprivation

Waking up multiple times throughout each night might seem like a simple annoyance, but the hours of sleep you’re missing out on can add up. If it persists for more than 5 days, chronic sleep deprivation can have a serious impact on your day-to-day functioning.

1. Twitching Eyes

Twitching eyelids is a classic sign of sleep deprivation, caused by your eyes being open for too long without proper sleep. Vision may periodically become blurred, accompanied by the compulsions to rub your eye.

2. Micro Sleeping

Micro sleeps last for milliseconds to a few seconds and occur without warning. They have the potential to be very dangerous, especially when driving or operating machinery.

When you are sleep deprived, yet force the body to stay awake by drinking coffee or keeping active, the moment you settle into a concentrated state, a micro sleep is likely to occur.

3. Fidgeting/Hyperactivity

Rather than wanting to rest at every opportunity, chronic sleep deprivation produces excessive fidgeting and often hyperactivity. You’ll be unable to settle and relax, feeling disturbed and on edge. Meditation or massage are effective treatments.

4. Dizziness & Sickness

Sleep deprivation will make you prone to dizzy spells, especially  when you stand up quickly or engage in exercise. You may also experience periodic nausea, though you aren’t likely to actually be sick.

5. Sporadic Hunger

Sleep deprivation commonly causes sporadic hunger. You may find yourself eating lots more than usual, both at mealtimes and throughout the day.

This is caused by the internal clock malfunctioning due to lack of sleep. Your body doesn’t know when it should be eating, and the hormones responsible for triggering hunger are then released at random times.

There’s also an additional factor at play here: when the body is starved of sleep, it moves to a higher survival mode level. The brain signals to the body that it should fuel up to compensate for the amount of extra energy being used due to lack of rest.

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